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Butt Detective Book Review by Al

Butt Detective Book Review by Al

Name: AI

Age: 12

Date: May 1

Book Title:  Butt Detectives

Rate this book:  5

Hello, I am a twelve-year-old boy. I am a beginner in Chinese (currently finishing Sage Set 2.) I will be writing a comparison of the Butt Detective picture books vs the manga ones. 

The Butt Detective picture books were the first ones made. They were also the first ones introduced to me when I was 9 years old. When my mom first read it to me, I was interested right away. At that time, I did not understand the Cantonese, but after each page of text, there was an activity of some kind like a maze or spot the bad guy, so I understood what was happening in the book. It was very interactive, and I especially liked the mazes and the hyper-realistic fart scenes at the end. I still like the picture books.

The Butt Detective mangas came later. Since I finished the Butt Detective picture book series, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the manga books. My mom read a bit, but it wasn’t as interesting to me. I found that the manga books had less activities, so it was less interactive. The only activities were to find 4 butts and you had to flip through the pages to keep track on how many you found, unlike the picture books where the activity was one picture spread over two pages. There is also more text because the books are longer. There are two stories in one book. I didn’t end up finishing the second story.

In conclusion, with my basic Chinese level I prefer the picture books over the manga, but I know some friends who are younger and have a much higher Chinese level (they have finished all 5 sets of Sage) really enjoy the manga and are even reading the Butt Detective Readers.

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