About US

Welcome to Yuto Books, where our mission is to share our culture with our kids through curated, relevant literature and thoughtful community engagement.
Yuto Books is much more than just a bookstore. We will be there for you throughout your multilingual journey. We are mamas, sisters, friends and neighbors. We are there for each other through highs and lows, keeping it real along the way.
Together, we cultivate the joy of reading while sharing our heritage. 
xoxo, Yuto Team

Our Story


Image of Eveline, Virginia, Edith at lots of books

Hi, we are Eveline, Edith, and Virginia - mamas with kids ranging from 0 -12 years old.  We are 3 multilingual families living in the beautiful British Columbia, who want to pass on our heritage language (Cantonese) to our kids while we are (re)learning Chinese ourselves. Each of us had so many questions and so many self-doubts in the beginning: How do I start teaching Chinese? What if I am not fluent? What if my kid only speaks English (or French)? Is it to late to start?

We were lucky enough to meet each other, and share the love of reading as our way to share the language, culture and heritage with our kids. Together we started this bookstore to make Chinese resources more accessible to families across Canada (and the US).

Come join us and let’s support each other on our multilingual journeys by sharing our stories and experiences.

We love hearing from you! Find us on Facebook and Instagram @yuto.bookstore