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Yuto Books is much more than just a bookstore. We will be there for you throughout your multilingual journey. We are mamas, sisters, friends and neighbors.
Together, we cultivate the joy of reading while sharing our heritage.

Happy Reading!! 分享喜閲,一起悅讀
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Happy Reading ! 📚

Yuto Books is not a traditional bookstore with a standard collection of cookie-cutter titles. It is a highly curated selection of unique stories which we have personally read every one of them at least once. This commitment to curation is our shared goal in building our children's love for reading.

We have categorized our books in the 3 levels making it easy for parents to select books suitable for their reading levels, further fostering parent-child reading bond.

Happy Reading 1-2-3!

1-Easy Reads

This collection contains titles that are easy reads with minimal words on a page. Suitable for parents who have limited working proficiency with Chinese characters.


Happy Reading 1-2-3!

2-Medium Reads

This collection contains titles with several sentences on each page and for readers who like a slightly longer story. These titles are suitable for parents or children with working level of proficiency who are able to read simple prose.


Happy Reading 1-2-3!

3- Wordy Reads

This collection contains titles with more words on a page, usually longer stories with more complex Chinese expressions. These are suitable for readers who have at least 800-1000 characters or who do not mind looking up characters in the dictionary (like Pleco).