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Lai Ma 賴馬

The Story of the Twelve Zodiac Animals • 十二生肖的故事

The Story of the Twelve Zodiac Animals • 十二生肖的故事

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Adapted from the folk tale, the award-winning Taiwanese author and illustrator, Lai Ma, adds a new twist and gives the traditional story a new life in "The Story of the Twelve Zodiac Animals ".

Do you know how the twelve zodiac signs came about? It turns out that the Jade Emperor held an animal competition and planned to select 12 animals as zodiac signs to help everyone remember their age. But why do mice become afraid of cats after the competition? Snake originally had legs, but then lost them, why? Why does Monkey have a red butt?

This hilarious story has the answers!

Aside from the humorous story, there are countless details hidden in the illustrations, and a chronological chart to find your age at the end. 

As a bonus, this book comes with a Chinese-English bilingual story CD and an English text booklet.

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Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Hardcover | 36pages | 250 mm x 50 mm x 261 mm

Publisher: Parenting • 親子天下

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