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Butt Detective #2: Where's the Rainbow Diamond? • 屁屁偵探噗噗!02 尋找夢幻的彩虹鑽石

Butt Detective #2: Where's the Rainbow Diamond? • 屁屁偵探噗噗!02 尋找夢幻的彩虹鑽石

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Continue the fun with Butt Detective in book #2 picture book of the popular Butt Detective Series

In this captivating sequel, the wealthy Turtle Family seeks Butt Detective's help as their daughter has been kidnapped for the prized "Rainbow Diamond" - a legendary gem said to radiate seven colors of light. The twist? While the Turtle family knows the diamond is somewhere within their estate, its exact location remains a mystery, with only a cryptic scroll as a clue. Butt Detective once again employs his methodical approach, tracing clues from the armor collection in the corridors to the tiles in the bathhouse floor, from the portraits in the hall to the statues in the courtyard, and even navigating treacherous traps into the secret passages beneath the mansion. How will Butt Detective assist the family in finding the Rainbow Diamond and rescuing their daughter? And who is the true identity of the culprit?

Through out the book, the reader is invited to help Butt Detective solve the puzzles and look for clues making it interactive and engaging. Don't miss out on the additional puzzles in the book jacket. 

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Traditional Chinese

Age 6-8

Hardcover | 32pages | 210 mm x 45 mm x 297 mm

Publisher: Yuan-Liou • 遠流

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