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Butt Detective Picture Book Series (Set of 7) • 屁屁偵探繪本(1-7冊)

Butt Detective Picture Book Series (Set of 7) • 屁屁偵探繪本(1-7冊)

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The most popular and well-known detective, Butt Detective, is on a comprehensive mission! The Butt Detective picture books (volumes 1-7) offer exciting stories that provide endless fun! Each book in the series ends with the "NEWS Newspaper," a unique feature providing updates on the story and characters, along with hints for readers to explore details beyond the main plot. This engaging series offers adorable artwork, interactive scenes, and opportunities for readers to enhance various skills while enjoying a thrilling detective adventure!

This complete set includes:

  1. Butt Detective #1: Who Stole the Snacks? • 屁屁偵探 繪本 噗噗!01 找回消失的人氣點心
  2. Butt Detective #2: Where's the Rainbow Diamond? • 屁屁偵探噗噗!02 尋找夢幻的彩虹鑽石
  3. Butt Detective #3: The Police Chief's Crisis • 屁屁偵探噗噗!03 小局長的大危機?!
  4. Butt Detective #4: The Mystery of the Missing Bento • 屁屁偵探噗噗!消失的便當之謎
  5. Butt Detective #5: Thief of the Century • 屁屁偵探噗噗!世紀怪盜現身
  6. Butt Detective #6 - Two Butt Detectives ? • 屁屁偵探 噗噗!06有兩個屁屁偵探?!
  7. Butt Detective #7 - The Snow Creature • 屁屁偵探 噗噗!07雪山的白色怪物?!

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Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Age 6-8

Hardcover | 224pages | 202 mm x 56 mm x 260 mm

Publisher: Yuan-Liou • 遠流

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