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Butt Detective Manga #2: The Battle Against U-Thief • 屁屁偵探動畫漫畫2:噗噗 怪盜U的大作戰

Butt Detective Manga #2: The Battle Against U-Thief • 屁屁偵探動畫漫畫2:噗噗 怪盜U的大作戰

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The bestselling children's book series in Japan and Asia, Butt Detective, has returned in a new format: full coloured manga! This is book #2 in the manga series.

Each book features two mysteries packed with hilarious dialogue and opportunities for fun logical deduction!

The elusive and mysterious Phantom Thief, U, suddenly reveals his hiding place - a dirty abandoned factory?! It is surprising since U usually prefers clean and beautiful things. How will the encounter between thief U and Butt Detective unfold this time.

Meanwhile, a pair of sunglasses from a legendary singer displayed in the museum disappeared without any signs of forced entry. Could the thief have hidden himself in the room? Upon further investigation, the prime suspect turns out to be a detective?! Hmm, what's going on?

Manga Series Features:

  • Manga enhance readers' abilities in understanding visual logic and textual narrative through continuous panels and casual dialogues, unlike the scenes in the picture book
  • More narrative possibilities through smoother scene transitions
  • Ability to develop the supporting characters
  • Continues to feature mazes, spot the difference games, and other brain teasers 

Product Details

Traditional Chinese

Age 6-8

Paperback | 120pages | 148 mm x 11 mm x 210 mm

Publisher: Yuan-Liou • 遠流

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