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Butt Detective Manga #6 - The Ladybug Mystery • 屁屁偵探動畫漫畫06 瓢蟲遺蹟之謎

Butt Detective Manga #6 - The Ladybug Mystery • 屁屁偵探動畫漫畫06 瓢蟲遺蹟之謎

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The bestselling children's book series in Japan and Asia, Butt Detective, has returned in full colour with manga #6 as Butt Detective and his Father Team Up to Navigate Through a Maze of Challenges!

Upon receiving a commission from his father, Butt Detective hastily rushes to the location of the Ladybug Ruins. Concealed within the ruins is a dazzling treasure rumored to be the key to relieving Dot Village from the grip of drought... Join Butt Detective and his father, along with the young girl Panda Kuma, on this thrilling journey as they unravel the mysteries hidden within the ruins!

Manga Series Features:

  • Manga enhance readers' abilities in understanding visual logic and textual narrative through continuous panels and casual dialogues, unlike the scenes in the picture book
  • More narrative possibilities through smoother scene transitions
  • Ability to develop the supporting characters
  • Continues to feature mazes, spot the difference games, and other brain teasers 

Product Details

Traditional Chinese

Age 6-8

Paperback | 152pages | 148 mm x 135 mm x 210 mm

Publisher: Yuan-Liou • 遠流

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