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The Story How the Korean Shaved Ice Dessert was Born • 紅豆刨冰傳說

The Story How the Korean Shaved Ice Dessert was Born • 紅豆刨冰傳說

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The South Korean bestselling and award-winning author, Lee Ji-eun, presents her masterpiece. This charming tale unfolds on an unusual snow day, as an elderly woman prepares to journey to the market. What adventures await her in the snow-covered landscape?

Set in the tranquil countryside, the story follows the old woman as she gathers fresh fruits and boils red beans to sell at the market. Along the way, she encounters a surprising visitor – a snow tiger. Rather than fear, the old woman responds with kindness, offering the tiger fruits to satisfy its hunger. As the tiger savors the sweet strawberries and dances with joy over the melons, its greed grows. Yet, with wit and calm resolve, the old woman devises a clever plan to outsmart the tiger and continue her journey safely to the market.

Key Features:
  • Storyboard illustrations guide the narrative, allowing young readers to understand the story without fully understand the written language
  • The old woman's encounter with the greedy snow tiger serves as a valuable example of handling challenges with patience and ingenuity
  • From crisis to opportunity, the tale explores themes of resilience and unexpected joys in life.

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Product Details

Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Age 3-5

Hardcover | 56pages | 210 mm x 10 mm x 250 mm

Publisher: Parenting • 親子天下

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