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The Legend of Two Friends + The Story How the Korean Shaved Ice Dessert was Born • 好朋友傳說+紅豆刨冰傳說

The Legend of Two Friends + The Story How the Korean Shaved Ice Dessert was Born • 好朋友傳說+紅豆刨冰傳說

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Award winning author, Lee Ji-eun, is a rising star in South Korea's children's book scene. Her works have become bestsellers on South Korea's largest e-commerce platform.

Lee Ji-eun's stories often feature a seemingly bad-tempered tiger who constantly demands food with the phrase "Give me something delicious, and I won't eat you." However, despite the initial impression, the tiger is just a bit greedy rather than truly ill-natured. Have you ever encountered such a friend who seems fierce but is actually kind-hearted? Her books, filled with cuteness, humor, and heartwarming moments, offer a delightful reading experience that should not be missed.

In "The Story of How the Korean Shaved Ice Dessert was Born • 紅豆刨冰傳說 ," an old grandmother living deep in the mountains prepares to sell fresh fruits and cooked red beans at the market. Along the way, she encounters a snow tiger who demands food in exchange for sparing her life. Despite the tiger's greediness, the grandmother cleverly navigates the situation, leading to an unexpected resolution.

In "The Legend of Two Friends • 好朋友傳說," set in the forest, a tiger known for its bad temperament finds its life transformed when a beloved little flower suddenly appears. From that moment on, the tiger and the flower became inseparable, experiencing new adventures and forming deep bonds. However, their friendship is tested when they fall into a trap, leading to a perilous situation from which they must escape.

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Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Age 6-8

Sets | pages | x x

Publisher: Yuto

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