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The Legend of Two Friends • 好朋友傳說

The Legend of Two Friends • 好朋友傳說

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From the South Korean bestselling and award-winning author, Lee Ji-eun, The Legend of Two Friends tells the most touching story of friendship, where an unexpected encounter, a warm companionship, leads to a lifelong sincere friendship.

In the forest, a tiger known for its bad temper, has a mantra "Give me something delicious, and I won't eat you". Until one day, a lovely little flower appears on the tiger's tail. From then on, life begins to change dramatically.

The tiger can't resist the little flower's requests. So for the first time he helped small animals in need, for the first time heard people say thank you to him, for the first time enjoyed a thank-you meal. That's how the tiger and the little flower became inseparable.

One day, the tiger and the flower fall into a trap, caught in a net! Will they escape from this dangerous situation?

Key Features:

  • Storyboard illustrations guide the narrative, allowing young readers to understand the story without fully understand the written language
  • The author dedicates this story to her deceased dog, a touching friendship that moves people and readers of all ages
  • Parting does not necessarily mean gone - love can appear in different forms

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Product Details

Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Age 6-8

Hardcover | 72pages | 210 mm x 11 mm x 270 mm

Publisher: Parenting • 親子天下

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