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Miwa Nakaya 中屋美和

Vegetable Academy 4: Non-flowering Cabbage • 蔬菜學校4:不想開花的高麗菜

Vegetable Academy 4: Non-flowering Cabbage • 蔬菜學校4:不想開花的高麗菜

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From the renowned author of the Little Black Crayon, Miwa Nakaya, launches a new food series, which introduces the secret of making vegetables delicious, showing how easy it is to love vegetables.

In order to become tasty vegetables, Little Tomato, Little Cucumber, Little Green Pepper, Corn, and others attend Vegetable Academy. What is the secret to tasty vegetables? Who will be the first to graduate?

Each type of vegetable has a different secret to becoming tasty. For example, Cabbage, in order to become tasty, needs to study hard to make her brain heavier. However, the more she studies, the more worries she has. One day, she reads in a book that cabbage heads can actually bloom! Could it be that cabbage isn't a vegetable, but a type of flower? Will Cabbage be expelled from the academy?

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Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Age 3-5

Hardcover | 32pages | 270 mm x 10 mm x 187 mm

Publisher: Little World • 小天下

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