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Miwa Nakaya 中屋美和

Little Black Crayon • 蠟筆小黑

Little Black Crayon • 蠟筆小黑

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Crayon Black finds his own worth amidst a feeling of exclusion. This is a story of self-discovery. 

On the table lies a brand-new box of crayons. Crayon Yellow, unable to bear the boredom, ventures out and discovers a large, pristine sheet of paper on the other end of the table—a fantastic find! Delighted, Yellow gathers everyone to draw. Yellow butterflies, red flowers, green leaves, and a vivid blue sky—they all continue to draw non-stop. Except for Crayon Black, who is left aside because his drawing would turn everything black. Nobody wants him to join in, so Black watches from the sidelines, feeling lonely. Fortunately, Big Brother Mechanical Pencil comes to console him... 

Renowned Japanese author Miwa Nakaya breathes life into crayons in the beloved "Crayon Black" series with charming illustrations. Crayons are a familiar childhood art tool, and these stories resonate with children, exploring emotions, empathy, friendships, self-confidence, and responsibility. They encapsulate a child's world, and the crayon's unique traits encourage creative exploration through drawing.  

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    Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

    Age 3-5

    Hardcover | 32pages | 26.5 cm x 19.1 cm x 1 cm

    Publisher: Little World • 小天下

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