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Nozomi Aka 野志明加

Little Strawberry, Where Are You? • 小草莓,妳在哪裡?

Little Strawberry, Where Are You? • 小草莓,妳在哪裡?

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Selected by the National School Library Association of Japan and Chosen by the Japan Children's Literature Research Society, this story features special shape pages, pop-ups, and search and find games. 

Dive into a delightful dessert feast with this creatively crafted tale from the renowned Japanese author Nozomi Aka of Yummy Clothing Store and Yummy Clothing Store: Dessert Gala

Today, Strawberry finally turns ripe and red! Excitedly, she leaves the farm with other strawberries to visit the cake shop. Fueled by insatiable curiosity, Strawberry embarks on an adventure all by herself! As other strawberries notice her absence, they search high and low, shouting, "Strawberry, where are you?"

Will they find Strawberry? Can they complete their mission to reach the cake shop? Strawberry, where have you gone?

Book Features:

  • A Must-Have for Foodie Picture Book Lovers! 

  • Strawberry dessert search and find game 

  • Special shaped die-cut pages, interactive flaps, pull-out pages, and pop-ups

Product Details

Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Age 3-8

Hardcover | 32pages | 242 mm x 10 mm x 242 mm

Publisher: Sanmin • 三民

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