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Nozomi Aka 野志明加

Yummy Clothing Store: Sweet Dessert Gala • 好吃的服裝店:甜蜜歡樂舞會

Yummy Clothing Store: Sweet Dessert Gala • 好吃的服裝店:甜蜜歡樂舞會

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After a sold-out fall/winter season, the Yummy Clothing Store is preparing for its spring/summer collection and getting ready for the Sweet Dessert Gala. From dressing up cake with strawberries to colourful creme brulee, and sparking cream puffs, each dessert carefully selects the perfect clothing to enhance its appearance. The children reading the book will find it incredibly fun and exciting to see their favourite sweets transform into fashionable and appetizing creations.

This is a fantastic book that sparks children's imagination and introduces them to the creative possibilities of food. It's a charming and educational adventure that will leave young readers hungry for more!

Hardcover | 40 pages | 21.2 x 24.4 cm

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Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Age 3-8

Hardcover | 40pages | 212 mm x 56 mm x 244 mm

Publisher: Sanmin • 三民

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