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Eric Liao

Grace Said Collection (Set of 3) • Grace說 (三冊)

Grace Said Collection (Set of 3) • Grace說 (三冊)

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Grace Said Collection (Set of 3) contains: 

Product Features:

  1. Author's Personal Experience: The author shares personal experiences with children through simple and understandable stories, helping them understand the abstract yet essential concepts of focus, patience, and perseverance.

  2. Simplified Illustrations: Using only three colors—red, yellow, and blue—the illustrations are simplified, making the picture books easy to understand. Through reading, children can subtly grasp the meanings of focus, patience, and perseverance.

  3. Clear and Fresh Text: The text is straightforward and relatable to a child's daily life, enabling children to naturally learn how to focus on completing tasks, wait patiently without getting anxious, and persevere in finishing things.

  4. High-Quality Hardcover: With large fonts and high-quality illustrations, these books offer the best reading experience for children and parents alike, fostering habits that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Product Details

Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Hardcover | pages | x x

Publisher: Windmill • 風車

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