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Eric Liao

Grace Said Patience • Grace說耐心

Grace Said Patience • Grace說耐心

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Grace Says Patience: Learning to Wait

Following the success of "Grace Says Focus • Grace說專心," join us again to discover what story Grace has to tell this time.

What is patience? Do you know that patience needs practice? Do you find it challenging to learn patience?

Spend just 10 minutes reading this book quietly, And help your child learn to be patient and wait without getting anxious!

Book Features:

  1. Author's Personal Experience: The author shares personal experiences with children through simple and understandable stories, helping them grasp the abstract yet vital concept of patience.

  2. Simplified Illustrations: Using only three colors—red, yellow, and blue—the illustrations are simplified, allowing children to subconsciously cultivate patience while reading.

  3. Clear and Fresh Text: The text is straightforward and relatable to a child's daily life, enabling children to naturally learn about patience through real-life stories.

  4. High-Quality Hardcover: With large fonts and high-quality illustrations, this book offers the best reading experience for children and parents alike, fostering a habit of patience.

"Grace said" is a series with "Grace Said Focus • Grace說專心" and "Grace Said Persistence • Grace說恆心."

Product Details

Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Hardcover | 48pages | 260 mm x 24 mm x 250 mm

Publisher: Windmill • 風車

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