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Code Name Complete Set (Vol. 1-3)

Code Name Complete Set (Vol. 1-3)

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Meet the most uproarious mother-son spy duo in history from the award-winning Korean book series Code Name! 

You must be kidding! Mom used to be a spy? An 11 year-old boy finds himself mysteriously transported back to 1991 as part of an intelligence agency, with his "teenage Mom" as his partner.  The must work together to complete their mission and save the world. 

This series consists of 3 volumes

  1. Code Name Vol. 1: Code Name X, Catch That Suspect! • 機密任務1:代號X,抓住那個嫌犯
  2. Code Name Vol. 2: Code Name K, Solve and Save the World • 機密任務2:代號K,快來解除世界危機
  3. Code Name Vol. 3: Code Name V, Battle Through the Love of Cooking • 機密任務3:代號V,用愛的料理決戰吧!

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Traditional Chinese

Age 9+

Paperback | pages | x x

Publisher: Parenting • 親子天下

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