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Code Name Vol. 3: Code Name V, Battle Through the Love of Cooking • 機密任務3:代號V,用愛的料理決戰吧!

Code Name Vol. 3: Code Name V, Battle Through the Love of Cooking • 機密任務3:代號V,用愛的料理決戰吧!

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The third volume of the Bologna Ragazzi Award-winning writer Kang Kyung-soo's 'Code Name' series. In this , while Violet and Blue, disguised as chefs, show off their dishes so that gourmet and cooking lover Chairman Margarine can't take his eyes off the cooking competition, the infiltrator secretly steals secret information on a 'two-track' mission.

The story becomes richer and more exciting as Violet and Blue's Group A engage in a dazzling cooking showdown with rival chefs, and the process of new secret agents Codename B and Codename Q's Group B infiltrating the Margarine Building is cross-edited.

Following , features vivid, unique and attractive characters that appear as if they would tear out of a book right away. Chef Marie Entois Nut (France), who specializes in fencing decorations, Chef James (USA) who cooks with chainsaws, Chef Fei Long (China), who has been trained in Shaolin Temple wire wares, and Chef Tamanegi (Japan), a master of ninja tricks, all have one. Together, they serve dishes in their own unique way.

On top of that, Chairman Margarine (real name Margarine Butter III), who has a stocky appearance and black sunglasses to cover her eyes, arouses readers' curiosity as a member of a mysterious organization called 'Cosmo'. With such a variety of sights, the eyes of the readers are delighted, and it is also fun to empathize with the characters while looking into the hidden stories of the chefs, including Chairman Margarine.

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Age 9+

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Publisher: Parenting • 親子天下

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