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Characters Are Easy! (88 Flash Cards Included) • 認字好簡單 (隨書附贈88張認字卡)

Characters Are Easy! (88 Flash Cards Included) • 認字好簡單 (隨書附贈88張認字卡)

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Following  the success of the Chinese character recognition series <<Characters Are Fun 認字好好玩>>, <<Characters Are Interesting 認字好有趣>> comes the highly anticipated addition to the series <<Characters Are Easy 認字好簡單>> with brand new character illustrations.

This set comprise for a book and 88 flashcards, it features words such as high, low, concave, convex, crying, laughing, bitter, sweet... etc. It contains adjectives and state of being to help children understand abstract words. Through the fun illustrations, children can exercise their imagination to interpret the character and tell a story to help commit the character to memory!

The author created this series by testing it on her four-year-old twins, as well as dozens of other parents and children. Results show that the children are learning the characters as if listening to a story, looking at a scene, making character recognition fun and exciting. 

Suitable for ages 2+

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Traditional Chinese

Age 3-5

Other | pages | x x

Publisher: 大大創意

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