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Characters Are Interesting! (88 Flash Cards Included) • 認字好有趣 (隨書附贈88張認字卡)

Characters Are Interesting! (88 Flash Cards Included) • 認字好有趣 (隨書附贈88張認字卡)

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Following  the success of the Chinese character recognition series <<Characters Are Fun 認字好好玩>> comes second book in the series <<Characters Are Interesting 認字好好有趣>>, with brand new word illustrations. 


Characters Are Interesting contains 100 words about daily objects, numbers, colors, etc. This set comes with a book and 88 accompanying flashcards. Through the fun illustrations, children can exercise their imagination to interpret the character and tell a story to help commit the character to memory!

The author created this series by testing it on her four-year-old twins, as well as dozens of other parents and children. Results show that the children are learning the characters as if listening to a story, looking at a scene, making character recognition fun and exciting. 

Suitable for ages 2+

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Traditional Chinese

Age 3-5

Sets | pages | 30 cm x 3 cm x 21 cm

Publisher: 大大創意

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