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Toshio Iwai 岩井俊雄

100-Storey Home Bundle (Set of 5) • 岩井俊雄創意樂園:100層樓的家

100-Storey Home Bundle (Set of 5) • 岩井俊雄創意樂園:100層樓的家

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Toshio Iwai's award winning and bestselling picture book series 100-Story Home is now available in a set! A mini, yet sturdy board book versions are also available!

The the characters as they explore the wonders and imaginative worlds of the forest, sky, sea, underground, and above-ground 100-floor houses! Each floor is inhabited by different characters, each floor has its own unique story, but who lives on the 100th floor?

This set contains: 

  1. 100-Story Home - Little Earth, who loves watching stars, receives a mysterious letter inviting him to the 100-floor house. Following the map on the letter, Little Earth finds a building that he can't see the top of. Who lives inside? 
  2. 100-Story Home: In the Forest - Little Song, who loves music, lives near the forest. One day, a flower bloomed in his backyard that he had never seen before, emitting wonderful sounds. Following these flowers, Little Song arrives at a big tree. "Please come in! Come up and see." He climbs up layer by layer, but where exactly are these wonderful sounds coming from?
  3. 100-Story Home: In the Sky - Little Bird, who is very hungry, finds a sunflower seed on a cold day. Smart Little Bird thinks that if he plants the sunflower seed, there will be many seeds to eat after it blooms. To find a suitable place to plant the seeds, he flies into the sky. Then, snowflakes falling from the sky say to him, "Come and see what's inside the clouds!" Who lives on the top floor? Let's explore the clouds!
  4. 100-Story Home: Under the Sea - A little girl on a boat feeding seagulls accidentally drops her doll into the sea! Her hat, bag, clothes, hair... all disappeared. The doll is sucked into a strange bubble and embarks on an adventure in a mysterious underwater building... What marine creatures will she encounter? Can she find her lost belongings? Will she be able to return to the little girl?
  5. 100-Story Home: Underground - Little Sora, who loves taking baths, hears a voice inviting her to a party while bathing. Little Sora slides "whoa!" underground at the foot of the mountain across the lake! Ah, Little Sora has arrived at the entrance to the party! Guess what animals live in the 100-floor underground house? What kind of home decoration do they have? What surprises will you find after reaching the 100th floor underground?

Product Details

Traditional Chinese

Age 3-5

Hardcover | 40pages | 20.9 cm x 29.6 cm x 0.56 cm

Publisher: Tien-Wei Publishing • 小魯

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