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Toshio Iwai 岩井俊雄

100-Storey Home - In the Forest • 森林100層樓的家

100-Storey Home - In the Forest • 森林100層樓的家

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 Join Little Music and an array of forest creatures in the fifth installment of the cherished 'The 100-Storey Home' series, where you'll embark on an enchanting musical journey through a lush forest. This delightful book offers an opportunity to explore 100 captivating forest secrets while reveling in a spectacular music-filled adventure. With vibrant illustrations that encourage counting and intricate details to engage young minds, readers will follow Little Music as they befriend woodland inhabitants, learn about various musical instruments, and take part in a magical forest music festival. As they ascend through the enchanting vertical cross-page illustrations of unique treehouse-style homes, they'll encounter delightful surprises on every floor.

The story begins when Little Music, a music enthusiast, stumbles upon a courtyard adorned with never-before-seen blossoms emitting mesmerizing melodies, leading them to a grand tree with a mysterious invitation. This book, by renowned author Toshio Iwai, promises to captivate both children and adults with its musical and visual enchantment.

Hardcover | 40 pages | 21 x 29.7 x 1 cm

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Traditional Chinese

Age 3-5

Hardcover | 40pages | 20.9 cm x 29.6 cm x 0.56 cm

Publisher: Tien-Wei Publishing • 小魯

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