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World Stories Mini Board Book Bundle (Set of 5) • 世界童話 (幼幼撕不破小小書)

World Stories Mini Board Book Bundle (Set of 5) • 世界童話 (幼幼撕不破小小書)

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This set has 5 carefully selected, world-famous fairy tales, each consisting of a mini-book with 10 pages.

  1. "The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats" - Mother Goat warns her little ones not to open the door for strangers. But when the big bad wolf shows up, will the little goats listen to their mother's words?

  2. "Thumbelina" - From within a flower, a beautiful girl appears, and both frogs, beetles, and a mole want her as their bride. How will Thumbelina handle this unexpected situation?

  3. "The Boastful Frog" - A proud frog boasts about having a bigger belly than a cow. Can the frog actually make its belly bigger by constantly blowing it up?

  4. "The Happy Prince" - A noble statue of a happy prince sees the plight of poor people and wishes to help them. But as a motionless statue, how can the happy prince fulfill his heartfelt desire?

  5. "The Fisherman and the Golden Fish" - A kind-hearted fisherman releases a golden fish, and in return, his wife keeps asking the fish for more and more things. Will the golden fish continue fulfilling her wishes?

Each mini-book are perfect for little hands and offers a captivating adventure that will entertain and inspire young readers.

This set accompanies the Cantonese Storytelling Tablet.

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Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Hardcover | pages | x x

Publisher: Windmill • 風車

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