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Omura Tomoko 大村知子

Why are They Lining Up on the Ocean Floor? • 海底在排什麼呢?

Why are They Lining Up on the Ocean Floor? • 海底在排什麼呢?

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Let your little one practice counting, while they learn all about vehicles, animals, insects, and sea creatures in these children's books!

No one likes waiting in line. And yet... for some unknown reason, we see sea creatures all patiently waiting in line for... something. What exactly are they waiting for?

Japanese author, Omura Tomoko, published four incredibly popular children's books. All four of them feature "lining up" as the main theme, where she arranges animals, vehicles and insects in an orderly line.

This particular book is about the ocean.

Some interesting features:

  • Each item in line is numbered, so our young readers can start familiarizing themselves with numbers and sequencing
  • Every creature is labelled — a great way for both parent and child to learn Chinese vocabulary for these topics
  • Short dialogue snippets are sprinkled throughout to let readers learn about the characteristics or personalities of the different animals

    Hardcover | 44 pages per book | 22 x 22cm

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    Traditional Chinese

    Age 3-5

    Hardcover | 176pages | 22 cm x 22 cm x 3.6 cm

    Publisher: Tien-Wei Publishing • 小魯

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