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Tarō Gomi 五味太郎

Where's Little Chick? • 小雞逃跑記

Where's Little Chick? • 小雞逃跑記

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Fans of "Where's Little Fish" must not miss this. This time, we run away with Little Chick.

Have you ever witnessed the moment when a child stands up and crosses the safety fence on their own? Or seen the moment when a child starts crawling and bravely takes steps? There are always mixed feelings of surprise, joy and worry as you watch your child gradually gaining independence and faces unknown challenges. When a secure bonding is established between parent and child, the child will know that after embarking on a great adventure outside, they can always come back to their safe fortress—"home."

When reading pay close attention to the illustrations. Who is accompanying Little Chick when Dad and Mom are not around? Also, don't miss the back cover of the book, where the author wants to share a funny "chick" story from his childhood at a festival with the readers!

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Traditional Chinese

Age 0-2

Hardcover | 24pages | 200 mm x 10 mm x 210 mm

Publisher: Hsinex • 上誼

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