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Today's Dim Sum • 今天的點心(3D鏡面繪本)

Today's Dim Sum • 今天的點心(3D鏡面繪本)

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What's today's snack? Open up this picture book, set its two pages at a right angle, and you'll see.  Crack an egg, pour in flour, add sugar, and milk, mix well, then pour into a hot frying pan. Wow, it smells so good. Let's set the table with forks, knives, and plates, and  enjoy! This 3D mirror picture book turns flat images into three-dimensional ones, turning reading into a game!

Product Details

Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Age 3-5

Hardcover | 20pages | 150 mm x 10 mm x 180 mm

Publisher: Grimm Press • 格林

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