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Miroslav Šašek

This is Hong Kong • 從前,有個香港

This is Hong Kong • 從前,有個香港

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The word "unforgettable" probably describes Hong Kong. Just ask those who have visited this place or flip through the pages of this book. Under the brush of Czech writer Miroslav Šašek, Hong Kong is unforgettable. The colorful illustrations capture the charm of 1960s Hong Kong, its allure, and the contrast within the city. The roaring planes bring tourists to this place, then rickshaws carry them through streets filled with exotic charm, incense lingering, amidst the aroma of roasted chestnuts and Peking duck. Every corner welcomes captivating scenery, with splendid jade and ivory, shimmering silks and satins.

Šašek first takes readers to overlook Kowloon Bay, gazing at the undulating ridges, then delves into alleyways to observe street vendors and merchants, sailors on bright red sailboats, and those who have never set foot on land.

That was Hong Kong in the past!

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Traditional Chinese

Hardcover | pages | 233 mm x x 317 mm

Publisher: CUP出版

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