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Carmen Lee 李嘉敏

The Twelve Zodiac Reunion Dinner • 十二生肖團年飯

The Twelve Zodiac Reunion Dinner • 十二生肖團年飯

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Step into the enchanting world beyond the Great Zodiac Race as Dragon extends an invitation for an extraordinary "Reunion Dinner" featuring the twelve qualified animals of the Zodiac. However, Rat harbors reservations, well aware that its cunning tactics during the race might have left a sour taste among its fellow zodiac creatures.

In this captivating tale, Carmen skillfully incorporates Chinese idioms to the unique personalities of the animals, such as 

  • 🐯狐假虎威
  • 🐍打草驚蛇
  • 🐓聞鷄起舞
  • 🐷豬朋狗友

So will Rat have the courage to face its peers? Can the animals put aside their differences to celebrate this special occasion together?

Enjoy this book? Be sure to check out the sequel in The Twelve Zodiac New Year's Eve Market.

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Traditional Chinese

Age 6-8

Hardcover | 18pages | 21 cm x x 21 cm

Publisher: Beanie Bear Studio 嘉出版

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