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Carmen Lee 李嘉敏

The Twelve Zodiac New Year's Eve Market • 十二生肖辦年宵

The Twelve Zodiac New Year's Eve Market • 十二生肖辦年宵

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Following the success of The Twelve Zodiac Reunion Dinner, Hong Kong author-illustrator, Carmen Lee, returns with The Twelve Zodiac New Year's Eve Market. 

After the Reunion Dinner, Dragon invites the animals to organize the New Year’s Eve Market. What booths will they put together? How will it turn out?

Carmen's story follows the beloved characters from the Reunion Dinner and incorporates traditional Chinese activities and cultural references. Like her previous book, it cleverly weaves in interesting Chinese idioms such as: 

    • 🎯百發百中
    • 🐉臥虎藏龍
    • 🐍畫蛇添足
    • 🌸世外桃源

In the end, there are also fun facts about traditions followed during the Lunar New Year period, for example, why do we clean the house?


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    Traditional Chinese

    Age 6-8

    Hardcover | 18pages | 21 cm x 1 cm x 21 cm

    Publisher: Beanie Bear Studio 嘉出版

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