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The Town Where Everyone Runs • 跑跑鎮

The Town Where Everyone Runs • 跑跑鎮

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Put on your imaginative hats and see what sorts of interesting combinations are created when two things collide!

Run... run... run... here comes a cat (小貓), and there comes an eagle (小鷹)... BAM!

What do they become? Why, an owl (貓頭鷹), of course!

What about when a cactus runs into a fish! Why a puffer fish, of course!

And when a house runs into wheels? A train!

With minimal, but plenty of bold illustrations paired with a game-like story, this is a book that will leave your young readers guessing and laughing, and encourage them to think a little outside the box!

Hardcover | 32 pages | 25.5 x 18.8cm

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Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Hardcover | pages | x x

Publisher: Hsin Yi • 信誼

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