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Cécile Jugla, Jack Guichard

The Science is in the Salt • 藏在鹽裡的科學

The Science is in the Salt • 藏在鹽裡的科學

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The most popular STEAM science picture book in France.

Try 10 easy and surprising experiments with...salt!

The Science is in the Salt explores great scientific principles with 10 very easy and fun experiments that you can carry out using everyday things found in your home.

Examples include:

  • Lift an ice cube without touching it
  • Make your salt disappear
  • Make an egg float
  • Prevent soap from foaming
  • Create a volcano

Suitable for ages 4 and over

Product Details

Traditional Chinese

Age 9+

Hardcover | 32pages | 204 mm x 10 mm x 230 mm

Publisher: Eastern Publishing • 台灣東方

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