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Lai Ma 賴馬

The New Kid in Class, Benjamin Marley • 我們班的新同學 斑傑明‧馬利

The New Kid in Class, Benjamin Marley • 我們班的新同學 斑傑明‧馬利

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Explore the wonderful world of acceptance and understanding in this heartwarming children's book, brought to you by the Taiwanese award-winning author and illustrator Lai Ma (賴馬). Learn how being the same or different is okay, and discover that true kindness lies in accepting others just the way they are.

Benjamin Marley is a new transfer student to a school for ponies. Even though Benjamin may seem different, the pony classmates quickly realize that they share more similarities than they thought. Join them as they attend classes, sing, play, and embark on exciting adventures together, including a trip to the aquarium.

This delightful story uses a simple plot and vibrant illustrations to convey deeper meanings about understanding, empathy, and acceptance. 

Key Features:

  • Draws from the author's personal parenting experiences
  • Explores various topics like new immigrants, class, and race
  • Addresses current affairs, providing a valuable tool for discussing relevant issues with children
  • Includes a bilingual Mandarin - English CD and an English text booklet

Product Details

Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Hardcover | 52pages | 26 cm x 1 cm x 25 cm

Publisher: Parenting • 親子天下

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