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The Duckbill Files Bundle (Books 6-10) • 達克比辦案6-10集套書(共五冊)

The Duckbill Files Bundle (Books 6-10) • 達克比辦案6-10集套書(共五冊)

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One of the best ways to motivate Chinese reading is through comics!  This series features some funny characters and interesting scientific facts.  What can be better than that?

Duckby is always on a mission to solve cases.  Through each case, you'll find fun facts about the history of earth and biological evolution.  These characters are funny, silly, and will sure to make you laugh!

This is the second series.  You can find the first series here.

Recommended: Ages 7-12

Paperback | 688 pages | 17 x 23 x 5.4 cm

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Publisher: Parenting • 親子天下

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