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The Bear Siblings' Idea Room 1: Grand Opening • 小熊兄妹的點子屋1:點子屋新開張

The Bear Siblings' Idea Room 1: Grand Opening • 小熊兄妹的點子屋1:點子屋新開張

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From popular author 哲也 comes a hilarious and educational set of bridge books!

There lived a family of four on Planet Bear. Today is Big Brother Bear's birthday, and he received a coveted spaceship that he had always wanted. He tried to start it, but it refused to start.

It turns out that it was a magical spaceship and it requires reciting a four-character idiom (成語) about "heights" (高) in order to operate. What will he pick,「高人一等」or「高不可攀」?

Fortunately, Big Brother Bear has a genius little sister. She's small but mighty, and was able to fly to spaceship! What sorts of adventures will this pair of siblings encounter on their spaceship?

Follow along the Bear siblings to learn idioms, and watch them solve puzzles and overcome different obstacles using their smarts and ingenuity! This bridge book is packed with language riddles that are both funny and clever!

Softcover | 138 pages | 15 x 21cm

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Publisher: Parenting • 親子天下

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