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Tastes of Hong Kong • 香港尋味

Tastes of Hong Kong • 香港尋味

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From the street stalls with sizzling "wok air" (鑊氣), to the bustling dim sum restaurants with the iconic push carts, to the cha chaan tengs (茶餐廳) serving afternoon tea to the 9-5 office workers... many of these establishments are slowly disappearing, but will remain forever in the collective memory of Hong Kong people.

Tastes of Hong Kong is authored and illustrated by a Hong Kong native, Alison Hui, who spent a year visiting different traditional eateries of Hong Kong. The book beautifully documents iconic Hong Kong dishes, the establishments that serve them, and the traditions behind them.

It not only beautifully highlights the food itself through gorgeous illustration, it also includes lesser known details that make up a big part of the Hong Kong food culture (which often favours speed of service), like the shorthand codes restaurant staff use take orders:

  • 「冬央」= 凍鴛鴦 (cold coffee-tea mixed drink)
  • 「C06」= 凍檸檬可樂 (cold lemon cola)
  • 「茶走」= 不加砂糖、不加淡奶,改加煉奶的奶茶 (no sugar or milk, sweetened condensed milk only)

Or how to use various "code" words that is well accepted, but may feel like gibberish to those who are not from there:

  • 「堂食」= 在餐廳內享用 (dine in)
  • 「腿通」= 火腿配湯通心粉 (ham in macaroni soup)
  • 「加底」= 雙倍份量的麵或飯 (double portions of rice or noodles)

Dive into classic Hong Kong food culture with this wonderfully illustrated and information-packed book about this city!

Softcover | 256 pages | 21 x 15cm

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Traditional Chinese

Hardcover | pages | x x

Publisher: InnoFair • 創意市集

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