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Tatsuya Miyanishi 宮西達也

Super Magical Toothpaste • 超神奇牙膏

Super Magical Toothpaste • 超神奇牙膏

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Get ready for another silly adventure with Tatsuya Miyanishi in Super Magical Toothpaste. This picture book brings out the joy of brushing teeth. A must-read for children who dislike brushing their teeth!

Brushing teeth is such a hassle, and toothpaste can be so "spicy". But what if there were delicious toothpaste flavors? Leave those worries to the Magical Superhero. With the Super Magical Toothpaste, brushing teeth is no longer a chore. From apple to banana, even cake flavors - all kinds of super magical toothpaste are now available for a limited time only! Join in for a toothbrushing experience that's super tasty, super fun, and super magical! Just be cautious of the super magical side effects!

Product Details

Traditional Chinese

Age 3-5

Hardcover | 40pages | 210 mm x 10 mm x 235 mm

Publisher: Tien-Wei Publishing • 小魯

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