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Strange Little Streetcar • 怪怪小電車

Strange Little Streetcar • 怪怪小電車

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This is "Sunset Square," where you can see the beautiful sunset. The red streetcar is about to arrive, but wait... the station sign reads "Night Sun Square"! Though it's just one word off, it's a big difference.

Ding-ding-ding, thud-thud-thud, knock-knock-knock, The red streetcar makes strange noises as it slowly moves... knock-knock! Even though there's no station, the red streetcar stops. Both the driver and passengers are startled! "Ahhhh... a monster!" What do they see from the train window?

This is a delightful interactive picture book perfect for parents and children to enjoy together, flipping and guessing along the way. It is sure to delight those who love cars and animals.

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Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Hardcover | 40pages | 24.2 cm x 24.2 cm x 1 cm

Publisher: Eastern Publishing • 台灣東方

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