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Still Stuck! • 脫不下來啊!

Still Stuck! • 脫不下來啊!

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Getting dressed and undressed can be difficult, especially for little ones.

While getting ready for a bath one evening, a little boy gets stuck in his clothes. He panics and starts to fear what life would be like if he never got unstuck. How will he play outside? How will he stop the cat from tickling his tummy?

It’s good thing that Mom is around to help. But when it’s time to put on his pajamas, the boy finds himself with a whole new problem...

This fresh, laugh-out-loud funny picture book shows a young boy’s feelings of frustration—and his determination to do things himself. With this whimsical and highly original tale, young readers can imagine what life would be like if they got stuck in their clothes but still kept on going...

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Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Hardcover | pages | x x

Publisher: Suncolor • 三采

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