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Ship in A bottle • 瓶中船

Ship in A bottle • 瓶中船

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A valiant mouse sets sail in her ship in a bottle to seek a better life and recognizing true friendship in this gentle allegory about refugees and immigration.

All Mouse wants to do is eat gingersnaps, lie in the sun, and enjoy her ship in a bottle. All Cat wants to do is eat Mouse. This is a problem.

So one day, Mouse sets off in her ship in a bottle in search of a new home. But the great big world is a scary place for one small mouse. As she sails downriver, she faces grabby seagulls, selfish rabbits, and stormy waters before finally finding refuge in a park on the shores of an enormous city, where she is welcomed by friends of all shapes and sizes.

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Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Hardcover | pages | x x

Publisher: Magicbox • 米奇巴克

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