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John Bigwood

Sherlock Bones Times Table Adventure • 汪爾摩斯的乘法大冒險

Sherlock Bones Times Table Adventure • 汪爾摩斯的乘法大冒險

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Learning from home has never been so easy. This fun, educational, maths workbook allows children to test their numeracy skills with guided, times tables puzzles.

Sherlock Bones and his trusted accomplice Dr Catson are embroiled in a frenetic 
times table adventure. They must follow a teasing trail of multiplication themed puzzles. It’s up to the reader to find the answer to each fiendish problem, all in the hope of foiling Professor Moriratty’s evil plan.

Ideal for children aged 
7 to 11, this charming activity book takes kids on an interactive adventure to improve their times tables skills.

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Traditional Chinese

Age 6-8

Paperback | 32pages | 21 cm x 29.7 cm x 1 cm

Publisher: Crown • 小皇冠

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