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Spicy or Not? Board Game • 三哥問你食啲乜?

Spicy or Not? Board Game • 三哥問你食啲乜?

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譚仔三哥米線 is a popular chain in Hong Kong. Customers can choose different styles of soups and ingredients to add to their noodles!

This is a strategy-based board game with 2 ways to play this game:

Version 1: When the game begins, players will be assigned with a set of “mission card” and “ingredient card”. The first player to acquire all the necessary ingredients from their opponents and complete the mission will win the game.

Version 2: Players will be split into “Clear Soup team” and “Spicy Soup team”. The fastest team to finish their combination by collecting all the required ingredients will be the winner. "Clear Soup team" can also gain victory by impeding the opposing team from finishing their combination.

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