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Rice Cake Goes to the Beach • 年糕去海邊

Rice Cake Goes to the Beach • 年糕去海邊

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Fun times at the beach!

The Rice Cakes (Nian and Gao) are back again for some summer fun! Last time, these two went to the bath house together. This time, they're on the beach!

As Nian wakes up from a nap, he realizes that his friend is missing and searches for him on the beach. The readers can search along with Nian... and help him find is friend!

This funny and light story features lots of delicious Japanese food - making it a very delicious story indeed! 

Hardcover | 32 pages | 21 x 23.5cm

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Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Hardcover | pages | x x

Publisher: Tao-Sheng • 道聲

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