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Red Bean Green Bean Manga #4: Earth is Fun • 紅豆綠豆碰4:地球好好玩

Red Bean Green Bean Manga #4: Earth is Fun • 紅豆綠豆碰4:地球好好玩

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This Red Bean Green Bean Manga Series combines fun and learning. It is packed with colorful original short stories, perfect for elementary and middle school students.

Red Bean and Green Bean are born on Planet Top; they journey to Earth, where they meet the kind-hearted Dr. Why and make new friends: Big Pea, Little Rice Bean, and Little Black Bean.

Join Red Bean and Green Bean, in book #4 Earth is Fun, on an adventure in the woods where they meet a talented Bear artist and visits his home. Together they discuss the mystery of living on Earth

  • Why do we have to learn English?
  • My writing looks like a catepillar
  • Helping people feels good
  • Someone's bleeding, what do we do?

These comics address relatable challenges and curiosities faced by young readers and their parents. Red Bean and Green Bean offer ingenious solutions and insights to these common dilemmas.

This book offers QR code for access to audio files in Mandarin.

Product Details

Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Age 9+

Paperback | 120pages | 170 mm x 60 mm x 230 mm

Publisher: Kang Hsuan • 康軒

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