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Melly 明儒廷

One Two One Two, PULL • 一二一二,拉

One Two One Two, PULL • 一二一二,拉

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Rabbit Mom and Mole Mom both asked their children to run errands at the same time, to go to the carrot field and pull out some carrots. Both children chose the same carrot - the biggest carrot in the field. Little Rabbit pulled and pulled above the ground, while Little Mole pulled and pulled underground, but neither of them could pull it out. Each of them asked their mom for help....  Who finally won the carrot tug-of-war ?

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    Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

    Age 3-5

    Hardcover | 38pages | 21.5 cm x 25.5 cm x 0.8 cm

    Publisher: Chiu Tong • 九童

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