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Million Billion Santa Clauses • 千千萬萬個聖誕老公公

Million Billion Santa Clauses • 千千萬萬個聖誕老公公

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A long time ago, there was only one Santa Claus...

Santa Claus would personally give a gift to every child on Christmas Eve, but as the days passed and there were more and more children. Santa Claus could not handle it alone, so he prayed to God, "Oh God, Please turn me into two Santa Clauses!". God fulfilled his wish.

After a while, there were still more and more children, so the two Santa Clauses prayed to God, "God, please turn us into four Santa Clauses!". God also fulfilled their wish.

However, the four Santa Clauses were still very busy. So, they prayed to God, "God, please turn us into one million Santa Clauses!". God still generously fulfilled their wishes.

Unexpectedly, an unexpected big problem occurred this time...! Can you guess what it is?

This book answers Christmas secrets that children most want to know:

  • Mom~The World Is there really a Santa Claus?
  • Why haven’t I seen Santa Claus?
  • Our house has no chimney, how can Santa Claus get in?
  • Is my gift really from Santa Claus?

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Hardcover | 40pages | 21 cm x x 29 cm

Publisher: YeRen • 野人

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