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Magical Tangerine Shop Collection (Books 1 - 4) • 神奇柑仔店系列1~4(共四冊)

Magical Tangerine Shop Collection (Books 1 - 4) • 神奇柑仔店系列1~4(共四冊)

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The children's version of the magical shop that can solve any problem, is now open!

There's a magical snack for every type of problem. Are you courageous enough to enter this Tangerine Shop, have a snack, and see what your future holds?

An inconspicuous Tangerine Shop, owned by a lady with an eerie smile. Inside it, you will find all kinds of magical snacks that will solve your life's problems when you eat them, from the mermaid gummy, to the monster cookie, trembling ghost jelly...

This set contains the following books:

  • Magical Tangerine Shop 1: Happiness in Money Heaven 神奇柑仔店1:帶來幸福的錢天堂
  • Magical Tangerine Shop 2: I Don't Want to Eat the Musical Fruit 神奇柑仔店2:我不想吃音樂果
  • Magical Tangerine Shop 3: Who Needs the Wrinkle Removal Plum? 神奇柑仔店3:誰需要除皺酸梅
  • Magical Tangerine Shop 4: The Wolf Bread that Gives Me Strength 神奇柑仔店4:給我變強的狼饅頭

Softcover | 200 pages (per book) | 17 x 21cm

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Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Hardcover | pages | x x

Publisher: Parenting • 親子天下

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