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Look, This is a Vegetable! • 看,蔬菜是這樣的!

Look, This is a Vegetable! • 看,蔬菜是這樣的!

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★ Baby's First Vegetable Recognition Book

★ A Must-Read for Babies Who Don't Like Vegetables

This book intricately depicts the shapes, appearances, and cross-sections of various vegetables. With simple yet rhythmic sentences, coupled with the lively and playful expressions of the vegetables, children will get to know the vegetables .

Throughout the book, various vegetable cross-sections are used to present the shapes from whole to part, as well as changes in internal structures, fostering children's ability to observe wholes and parts.

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Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Age 0-2

Hardcover | 32pages | 160 mm x 10 mm x 160 mm

Publisher: Tien-Wei Publishing • 小魯

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