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Lively Dragon Boat Festival (Pop-up) • 熱鬧端午節

Lively Dragon Boat Festival (Pop-up) • 熱鬧端午節

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Celebrate the rich traditions of Dragon Boat Festival with your family in a lively and interactive way!

The Dragon Boat Festival is an important traditional Chinese festival marking the arrival of summer. Customs such as cleaning homes, hanging Artemisia and Calamus, making rice dumplings, and dragon boat racing have been passed down through generations. This book, introduces children to the customs of the festival and the cultural heritage it carries.

Each custom in the book features interactive 3D mechanisms that help children understand the traditions and their significance. Let "Bustling Dragon Boat Festival" accompany your child in celebrating a lively and festive Dragon Boat Festival!

Scan the QR code to listen to Dragon Boat Festival music and fun customs

Product Details

Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Age 3-8

Hardcover | 14pages | 250 mm x 20 mm x 250 mm

Publisher: Holiu Creative • 禾流文創

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