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Little Tram, Where Are You? • 電車小叮在哪裡?

Little Tram, Where Are You? • 電車小叮在哪裡?

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This is a story featuring on the classic Route 120 tram in Hong Kong, where one learns to see their own self worth.

Throughout the years, Little Tram notices that other public transportation options go faster than him, are more advanced than him, are more air-conditioned than him. Over time, Little Tram slowly feels deflated... and eventually gets sick. However, when Little Tram disappears for a few days, everyone went looking for him. After hearing everyone's calls, encouragement and blessings, Little Tram finally regains his confidence, and sets off on his route again.

Winner of the Hong Kong Chinese Creative Literature Award 2016 — Children's Literature (中文文學創作獎2016—兒童故事及兒童圖畫故事組冠軍)


Softcover | 36 pages | 21 x 19cm

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Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Hardcover | pages | x x

Publisher: Cotton Tree 木棉樹

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